Following are a number of Interact projects that have already been completed. (Click here for our current projects).

Alnovum (1999-2001)

As part of an effort of Almere to attract young start-up businesses, the Alnovum was designed to house a mixture of large and small companies, mostly in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector. Needless to say that this high-tech building offers the type of infrastructure that this type of businesses need. However, technology did not stop there: in line with the environmental guidelines of the city, the building has state of the art architectural technology.

Interact managed the construction of this building as well as its leasing and operation. The project was successfully completed in 2001, well within the planned timeframe and on budget, and with 90% occupancy at the point of opening.

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City of The Hague (2003)

Interact assisted the City of The Hague with the redevelopment of an under-utilised area in the city centre. Interact advised on plans for the re-development of the «Caballero panden«: an old cigarette factory that is being converted into a Starters Centre for ICT business).

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Ichtus Hogeschool (The Hague and Rotterdam, 1999-2001)

Interact assisted a large educational institute in The Hague and in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with sale and resale of the old schoolbuildings, developing the programme of requirements, finding a new location, preparation of financial planning and forecast as well as logistical planning and management of the transfer of the institute to new premises.

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